download - host resident PostScript font downloader


     download   [-f]   [-p printer]   [-m name]    [-H directory]



     download prepends host resident fonts to  files  and  writes
     the  results  on the standard output. If no files are speci-
     fied, or if - is one of the input files, the standard  input
     is  read.  download assumes the input files make up a single
     PostScript job and that requested fonts can be  included  at
     the start of each input file.

     Requested fonts are named in a comment (marked with  %%Docu-
     mentFonts:) in the input files. Available fonts are the ones
     listed in the map table selected using the -m option.

     The map table consists of fontname-file pairs. The  fontname
     is the full name of the PostScript font, exactly as it would
     appear in a %%DocumentFonts: comment. The file is the  path-
     name  of the host resident font. A file that begins with a /
     is used as is. Otherwise the pathname  is  relative  to  the
     host  font  directory.  Comments  are introduced by % (as in
     PostScript) and extend to the end of the line.

     The only candidates for downloading are  fonts listed in the
     map  table  that point download to readable files. A font is
     downloaded once, at most. Requests  for  unlisted  fonts  or
     inaccessible  files are ignored. All requests are ignored if
     the map table can not be read.


     -f    Force a complete scan  of  each  input  file.  In  the
           absence  of  an  explicit comment pointing download to
           the end of the file, the default  scan  stops  immedi-
           ately after the PostScript header comments.

     -p printer
           Check  the   list   of   printer-resident   fonts   in
           /etc/lp/printers/printer/residentfonts   before  down-

     -m name
           Use name as the font map table.  A  name  that  begins
           with  /  is  the full pathname of the map table and is
           used as is. Otherwise  name is appended to  the  path-
           name of the host font directory.

     -H directory
           Use dir as the host font  directory.  The  default  is


     Example 1: Examples of the download command.

     The following  map table could be used to control the  down-
     loading of the Bookman font family:

       % The first string is the full PostScript font name. The second string
       % is the file name - relative to the host font directory unless it begins
       % with a /.

         Bookman-Light               bookman/light
         Bookman-LightItalic      bookman/lightitalic
         Bookman-Demi               bookman/demi
         Bookman-DemiItalic      bookman/demiitalic

     Using the file  myprinter/map  (in  the  default  host  font
     directory)   as  the map table, you could download fonts  by
     issuing the following command:

     example% download -m myprinter/map file


     The following exit values are returned:

     0     Successful completion.

           An error occurred.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWpsf                     |


     dpost(1), postdaisy(1),  postdmd(1),  postio(1),  postmd(1),
     postprint(1), posttek(1), attributes(5)


     The download program should be part of a more  general  pro-

     download does not look for %%PageFonts: comments  and  there
     is no way to force multiple downloads of a particular font.

     Using full pathnames in either map tables or  the  names  of
     map tables is not recommended.

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