nisls - list the contents of a NIS+ directory


     nisls [-dglLmMR] [name...]


     For each name that is a NIS+ directory, nisls lists the con-
     tents  of the directory. For each name that is a NIS+ object
     other than a directory, nisls simply echos the name.  If  no
     name is specified, the first directory in the search path is
     listed. See nisdefaults(1).


     The following options are supported:

     -d    Treat   NIS+  directories  like  other  NIS+  objects,
           rather than listing their contents.

     -g    Display group owner instead of owner when  listing  in
           long format.

     -l    List in long format. This option  displays  additional
           information  about  the  objects  such  as their type,
           creation time, owner, and access rights.

           The access rights are listed in the following order in
           long mode: nobody, owner, group owner, and world.

     -L    This option specifies that links are to  be  followed.
           If  name  actually points to a link, it is followed to
           the linked object.

     -m    Display modification time  instead  of  creation  time
           when listing in long format.

     -M    Master only. This specifies that information is to  be
           returned  from  the master server of the named object.
           This guarantees that the most up to  date  information
           is seen at the possible expense that the master server
           may be busy.

     -R    List  directories  recursively.   This   option   will
           reiterate  the list for each subdirectory found in the
           process of listing each name.


           If this variable is set, and  the  NIS+  name  is  not
           fully  qualified,  each  directory  specified  will be
           searched  until  the  object  is  found.  See   nisde-


     The following exit values are returned:

     0     Successful operation.

     1     Operation failed.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWnisu                    |


     nisdefaults(1),  nisgrpadm(1),  nismatch(1),   nistbladm(1),
     nis_objects(3NSL), attributes(5)


     NIS+ might not  be  supported  in  future  releases  of  the
     SolarisTM  Operating Environment. Tools to aid the migration
     from NIS+ to LDAP are available in the Solaris  9  operating
     environment.      For      more      information,      visit

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