pkgproto - generate prototype  file  entries  for  input  to
     pkgmk command


     pkgproto [-i] [-c class] [path1]

     pkgproto [-i] [-c class] [path1=path2...]


     pkgproto scans the  indicated  paths  and  generates  proto-
     type(4)  file  entries  that  may  be  used  as input to the
     pkgmk(1) command.

     If no paths are specified  on  the  command  line,  standard
     input  is  assumed  to  be  a list of paths. If the pathname
     listed on the command line is a directory,  the contents  of
     the  directory  is searched.  However, if input is read from
     stdin, a directory specified  as  a  pathname  will  not  be


     -i    Ignores  symbolic  links  and  records  the  paths  as
           ftype=f (a file) versus ftype=s (symbolic link).

     -c class
           Maps the class of all paths to class.


     path1 Pathname where objects are located.

     path2 Pathname which should be  substituted  on  output  for


     Example 1: Examples of the use of pkgproto.1.

     The following two examples show uses of pkgproto and a  par-
     tial listing of the output produced.

     Example 1:

     example% pkgproto /bin=bin /usr/bin=usrbin /etc=etc
     f none bin/sed=/bin/sed 0775 bin bin
     f none bin/sh=/bin/sh 0755 bin daemon
     f none bin/sort=/bin/sort 0755 bin bin
     f none usrbin/sdb=/usr/bin/sdb 0775 bin bin
     f none usrbin/shl=/usr/bin/shl 4755 bin bin
     d none etc/master.d 0755 root daemon
     f none etc/master.d/kernel=/etc/master.d/kernel 0644 root daemon
     f none etc/rc=/etc/rc 0744 root daemon

     Example 2:

     example% find / -type d -print | pkgproto
     d none / 755 root root
     d none /bin 755 bin bin
     d none /usr 755 root root
     d none /usr/bin 775 bin bin
     d none /etc 755 root root
     d none /tmp 777 root root


     0     Successful completion.

     >0    An error occurred.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWcsu                     |


     pkgmk(1),  pkgparam(1),  pkgtrans(1),  prototype(4),  attri-

     Application Packaging Developer's Guide


     By default, pkgproto creates symbolic link entries  for  any
     symbolic  link  encountered  (ftype=s).  When you use the -i
     option, pkgproto creates a file  entry  for  symbolic  links
     (ftype=f).  The prototype(4) file would have to be edited to
     assign such file types as v (volatile), e (editable),  or  x
     (exclusive  directory).  pkgproto  detects  linked files. If
     multiple files are linked together, the first  path  encoun-
     tered is considered the source of the link.

     By default, pkgproto prints prototype entries on  the  stan-
     dard  output.  However, the output should be saved in a file
     (named Prototype or prototype, for convenience) to  be  used
     as input to the pkgmk(1) command.

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