roffbib - format and print a bibliographic database


     roffbib [-e] [-h] [-m filename] [-np] [-olist]  [-Q]  [-raN]
     [-sN] [-Tterm] [-V] [-x] [filename] ...


     roffbib prints out all records in a bibliographic  database,
     in bibliography format rather than as footnotes or endnotes.
     Generally it is used in conjunction with sortbib(1):

          example% sortbib database | roffbib


     roffbib accepts all options understood by nroff(1) except -i
     and -q.

     -e    Produce equally-spaced words in adjusted  lines  using
           full terminal resolution.

     -h    Use output tabs during  horizontal  spacing  to  speed
           output and reduce output character count. TAB settings
           are assumed to be every 8 nominal character widths.

     -m filename
           Prepend the macro  file  /usr/share/lib/tmac/
           to  the  input  files. There should be a space between
           the -m and the macro filename. This set of macros will
           replace        the        ones        defined       in

     -np   Number first generated page p.

           Print only page numbers  that  appear  in  the  comma-
           separated list of numbers and ranges.
            A range N-M means pages N through M;  an  initial  -N
           means  from  the beginning to page N; a final N- means
           from page N to end.

     -Q    Queue output for the phototypesetter.  Page offset  is
           set to 1 inch.

     -raN  Set register a (one-character) to N. The  command-line
           argument  -rN1  will number the references starting at

           Four command-line registers control  formatting  style
           of the bibliography, much like the number registers of
           ms(5).  The  flag   -rV2   will   double   space   the
           bibliography,  while -rV1 will double space references
           but single  space  annotation  paragraphs.   The  line
           length can be changed from the default 6.5 inches to 6
           inches with the -rL6i argument, and  the  page  offset
           can be set from the default of 0 to one inch by speci-
           fying -rO1i (capital O, not zero).

     -sN   Halt prior to every  N  pages  for  paper  loading  or
           changing  (default  N=1).  To resume, enter NEWLINE or

           Specify term as the terminal type.

     -V    Send output to the Versatec.  Page offset is set to  1

     -x    If abstracts or comments are entered following the  %X
           field  key,  roffbib  will format them into paragraphs
           for an annotated bibliography. Several %X  fields  may
           be given if several annotation paragraphs are desired.


           file of macros used by nroff/troff


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWdoc                     |


     addbib(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1), nroff(1) refer(1),  sort-
     bib(1),  troff(1), attributes(5)


     Users have to rewrite macros to create customized formats.

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