shutdown - close down the system at a given time


     /usr/ucb/shutdown [-fhknr] time [warning-message...]


     shutdown provides an automated  procedure  to  notify  users
     when  the  system  is  to  be shut down. time specifies when
     shutdown will bring the system down; it may be the word  now
     (indicating  an  immediate  shutdown),  or  it may specify a
     future time in one of two formats: +number and hour:min. The
     first form brings the system down in number minutes, and the
     second brings the system down at the time of  day  indicated
     in 24-hour notation.

     At intervals that get closer as the  apocalypse  approaches,
     warning messages are displayed at terminals of all logged-in
     users, and of users who have remote mounts on that machine.

     At shutdown time a message is written to the system log dae-
     mon,  syslogd(1M),  containing  the  time  of  shutdown, the
     instigator of the shutdown, and the reason. Then a terminate
     signal  is  sent  to  init,  which brings the system down to
     single-user mode.


     As an alternative to the above procedure, these options  can
     be specified:

     -f    Arrange, in the manner of fastboot(1B), that when  the
           system  is  rebooted,  the  file  systems  will not be

     -h    Execute halt(1M).

     -k    Simulate shutdown of the system. Do not actually  shut
           down the system.

     -n    Prevent the normal sync(2) before stopping.

     -r    Execute reboot(1M).


           remote mounted file system table


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWscpu                    |


     fastboot(1B), login(1), halt(1M),  reboot(1M),  syslogd(1M),
     sync(2), rmtab(4), attributes(5)


     Only allows you to bring the system  down  between  now  and
     23:59 if you use the absolute time for shutdown.

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