dcs - domain configuration server


     /usr/lib/dcs [-s  sessions]


     The Domain Configuration Server (DCS) is  a  daemon  process
     that  runs on Sun servers that support remote Dynamic Recon-
     figuration (DR) clients. It is started by inetd(1M) when the
     first DR request is received from a client connecting to the
     network service sun-dr. After the DCS accepts a DR  request,
     it  uses  the  libcfgadm(3LIB)  interface  to execute the DR
     operation. After the operation is performed, the results are
     returned to the client.

     The DCS listens on the network service labeled  sun-dr.  Its
     underlying  protocol  is  TCP, and it is invoked as an inetd
     server using the TCP transport. The entries for the  DCS  in
     the /etc/inet/inetd.conf file are as follows:

     sun-dr stream tcp wait root /usr/lib/dcs dcs
     sun-dr stream tcp6 wait root /usr/lib/dcs dcs

     These entries enable remote DR operations. If you remove the
     entries,  DR  operations  initiated from a remote host fail.
     There is no negative impact on the server. If you are  using
     a  Sun  Fire  high-end system and IPSec is configured on the
     sun-dr port (port 665), you must also remove the policies in
     /etc/inet/ipsecinit.conf  that  reference  the  sun-dr port,
     then use the ipsecconf(1M) command with appropriate  options
     to flush the policies.

     If you remove the sun-dr entries  from  /etc/inet/inetd.conf
     without deleting and flushing the corresponding entries from
     /etc/inet/ipsecinit.conf, any process that attempts  to  use
     the  sun-dr port will hang. This is because the IPSec policy
     is still in effect for that port.


     The following options are supported:

     -s sessions
           Set the number of active sessions that the DCS  allows
           at  any  one  time. When the limit is reached, the DCS
           stops accepting connections until active sessions com-
           plete  the  execution  of  their DR operation. If this
           option is not specified, a default  value  of  128  is


     The DCS uses syslog(3C) to report status and error messages.
     All of the messages are logged with the LOG_DAEMON facility.
     Error messages are logged with the  LOG_ERR  and  LOG_NOTICE
     priorities,  and  informational messages are logged with the
     LOG_INFO   priority.   The   default    entries    in    the
     /etc/syslog.conf  file  log all of the DCS error messages to
     the /var/adm/messages log.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWdcsu, SUNWdcsr          |


     cfgadm_sbd(1M),   inetd(1M),   ipsecconf(1M),    syslog(3C),
     config_admin(3CFGADM),    libcfgadm(3LIB),    inetd.conf(4),
     syslog.conf(4), attributes(5), dr(7D)

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