nologin - message displayed to users attempting to log on in
     the process of a system shutdown




     The  /etc/nologin file contains  the  message  displayed  to
     users  attempting  to log on to a  machine in the process of
     being shutdown.  After displaying the contents of the  nolo-
     gin  file,  the  login procedure  terminates, preventing the
     user from logging onto the machine.

     This procedure is preferable to  terminating a  user's  ses-
     sion by  shutdown shortly after the user has logged on.

     Logins by  super-user are not affected by this procedure.

     The message contained in the  nologin file  is  editable  by
     super-user. A typical  nologin file contains a message simi-
     lar to:

          NO LOGINS: System going down in 10 minutes.


     login(1), rlogin(1), telnet(1), shutdown(1M)

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