x_dialtest - Xview demonstration and test program for SunDi-




     x_dialtest is an Xview application that  displays  a  window
     with eight dials, corresponding to the dials on the SunDials
     dialbox. To  determine  if  the  dialbox  has  been  set  up
     correctly,  turn  a  dial  on the dialbox. If the dialbox is
     functional and correctly interfaced, turning a dial by  hand
     will  make the corresponding dial in the window turn a simi-
     lar amount.

     The dials do not have any notion of absolute  angular  posi-
     tion.  It  is  changes  in current angular position that are
     sent to the host application. Thus there  is  no  notion  of
     resetting the position of the dials on the dialbox hardware.

     The Diagnostic button on the panel is a  demo  mode  of  the
     x_dialtest  program. The pointer of each of the dials in the
     window is rotated one full circle  and  then  disappears  in
     turn.   When  all eight dials have been rotated, the display
     dial pointers are reset to their previous  rotational  posi-
     tions. The only diagnostic done on the dialbox is a firmware
     self check. If this self check passes, then "OK." is sent to
     the standard output of the demo program.

     The Ram Dump button on the  panel  arranges  to  place  some
     firmware  data  into  the  file  ram_dump.dat in the current
     directory. It is intended for factory diagnostics use and is
     not publicly documented further.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Architecture                | SPARC                       |


     bdconfig(1M),   attributes(5),   x_buttontest(6),    bd(7M),

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