adpu320 - Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI host bus adapter driver




     The adpu320 host bus  adapter  driver  is  a  SCSA-compliant
     nexus  driver  that  supports the following Adaptec Ultra320
     SCSI Devices:

     Chips AIC-7902

     The adpu320 driver supports standard functions  provided  by
     the  SCSA  interface, including tagged and untagged queuing,
     Wide/Fast/Ultra SCSI, and auto request  sense.  The  adpu320
     driver  does not support linked commands. The adpu320 driver
     supports hot swap SCSI and hot plug PCI.

     Additionally, the  adpu320  driver  supports  the  following

        o  64-bit addressing (Dual address Cycle)

        o  PCI-X v1.1 operating up to 133MHz and 64bits

        o  PCI bus spec v2.2 operating up to 66MHz and 64bits

        o  Packetized SCSI at 320 and 160 MB/s

        o  QAS

        o  DT

        o  40MB/sec in single-ended  mode  and  up  to  320MB/sec
           transfer rate in LVD mode

        o  Domain Validation

        o  Retained Training Information (RTI)

        o  PCI and PCI-X Error handling

  Driver Configuration
     The adpu320 host bus adapter driver is configured by  defin-
     ing  the properties found in adpu320.conf. Properties in the
     adpu320.conf file that can be modified by the user  include:

                     Option: ADPU320_SCSI_RD_STRM=[value]
                 Definition: Enables/disables read streaming negotiation
                             for all drives.
            Possible Values: 0 (off), 1 (on)
              Default Value: 0 (off)

                     Option: ADPU320_SCSI_NLUN_SUPPORT=[value]
                 Definition: Enables the number of logical units to be
                             scanned per drive.
            Possible Values: 1-64
              Default Value: 64

     If you alter or add driver parameters incorrectly,  you  can
     render  your  system  inoperable. Use driver parameters with


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | x86                         |


           Driver model

           Configuration file

           Realmode driver


     cfgadm(1M),  prtconf(1M),   attributes(5),   scsi_abort(9F),
     scsi_hba_attach(9F),    scsi_ifgetcap(9F),   scsi_reset(9F),
     scsi_sync_pkt(9F),   scsi_transport(9F),    scsi_device(9S),
     scsi_extended_sense(9S), scsi_inquiry(9S), scsi_pkt(9S)

     Writing Device Drivers

     Small Computer System Interface-3 (SCSI-3)

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