cgfourteen - 24-bit color graphics device




     The cgfourteen device driver controls the video SIMM (VSIMM)
     component of the video and graphics subsystem of the Desktop
     SPARCsystems with SX graphics  option.  The  VSIMM  provides
     24-bit  truecolor visuals in a variety of screen resolutions
     and pixel depths.

     The driver supports multi-threaded applications and  has  an
     interface accessible through  mmap(2). The user must have an
     effective user ID of 0 to be able to write  to  the  control
     space of the  cgfourteen device.

     There are eight distinct physical spaces the user  may  map,
     in addition to the control space. The mappings are set up by
     giving the desired offset to the mmap(2) call.

     The cgfourteen device supports  the  standard  frame  buffer
     interface as defined in  fbio(7I).

     The  cgfourteen device can serve as a system console device.

     See  /usr/include/sys/cg14io.h  for  other   device-specific


           cgfourteen device driver

           Logical device name.

           Header file that contains device specific information

           Header file that contains device specific information


     mmap(2), fbio(7I)

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