cvc - virtual console driver


     The cvc virtual console driver  is  a  STREAMS-based  pseudo
     driver  that  supports  the  network console. The cvc driver
     interfaces with console(7D).

     Logically, the  cvc driver sits below the   console  driver.
     It  redirects console output to the cvcredir(7D) driver if a
     network console connection is active. If a  network  console
     connection  is not active, it redirects console output to an
     internal hardware interface.

     The cvc driver receives console  input  from   cvcredir  and
     internal  hardware  and  passes it to the process associated
     with /dev/console.


     The  cvc facility supersedes the SunOS wscons(7D)  facility,
     which  should   not  be  used  in conjunction with  cvc. The
     wscons driver is useful for systems with  directly  attached
     consoles  (frame  buffers  and keyboards), but is not useful
     with platforms using cvc, which have no  local  keyboard  or
     frame buffer.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |   ATTRIBUTE TYPE   |            ATTRIBUTE VALUE           |
    | Architecture       | Sun  Enterprise  10000  servers,  Sun|
    |                    | Fire 15000 servers                   |
    | Availability       | SUNWcvc.u                            |


     cvcd(1M),    attributes(5),    console(7D),    cvcredir(7D),

     Sun Enterprise 10000 SSP Reference Manual

     Sun System Management Services (SMS) Reference Manual

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