dpt - DPT ServeRAID  IV  SCSI  host  bus  adapter  and  RAID
     adapter driver


     The dpt driver is a driver for the DPT (Distributed Process-
     ing  Technology)  family  of  SmartRAID IV SCSI HBA and RAID
     adapters. The following HBA adapters are supported:  PM2024,
     PM2044UW, PM2044W, PM2124, PM2124W, PM2144UW, and PM2144W.

     The following RAID adapters are supported: PM3224,  PM3224W,
     PM3334UW, and PM3334W.


        o  DPT PM3224 only: Only EPROM 7A and later versions  are

        o  DPT PM2024 and PM2124 only: Only EPROM 6D4  and  later
           versions are supported.

        o  Use adapters with SmartROM version 3.B or  later  ver-
           sions only.

        o  Be sure that the controller board is  installed  in  a
           PCI bus-mastering slot.

        o  Disable PCI parity checking if your  firmware  version
           is  earlier  than version 7A, if your system memory is
           ECC, or if your system does not check parity.

  Known Problems and Limitations
     During system boot, a message may be displayed saying a  DPT
     controller  driver  cannot  be installed. This message indi-
     cates that the motherboard installed in your system may con-
     tain  ECC  memory  or  may not check parity. If you see this
     message is displayed, disable PCI parity checking.

  Supported Settings
        o  I/O Address: Auto


     Auto-configuration code determines whether  the  adapter  is
     present  at the configured address and what types of devices
     are attached to it. The DPT ServeRAID is primarily used as a
     disk array (system drive) controller.

     To configure the attached disk arrays,  you  must  configure
     the  controller  (using the configuration utilities provided
     by the hardware manufacturer) before you  boot  the  Solaris
     operating  environment.  You use the configuration utilities
     to set RAID levels, stripe parameters, cache mechanisms  and
     perform  other functions. For more information, see the user
     manual supplied with your hardware.


           dpt configuration file

     /dev/dsk/cn dn[s|p] n
           block device

     /dev/rdsk/cn dn[s|p] n
           raw device where:

     cn    controller n

     dn    LUN n (0-7)

     sn    UNIX system slice n (0-15)

     pn    fdisk(1M) partition (0)


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Architecture                | x86                         |


     fdisk(1M), attributes(5), cmdk(7D)

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