pln - SPARCstorage Array SCSI Host Bus Adapter Driver




     The pln Host Bus Adapter (HBA) driver is a   SCSA  compliant
     nexus  driver  which  supports  the SPARC Storage Array. The
     SPARC Storage Array is a disk array  device  which  supports
     multiple  disk  drives.   The  drives are located on several
     SCSI  busses  within  the   SPARC  Storage  Array.  A  SPARC
     microprocessor  controls  the   SPARC  Storage  Array.  Non-
     volatile  RAM is used as a disk cache.  The   SPARC  Storage
     Array  interfaces to the host system using Fibre Channel. An
     SBus card called the  SOC card (see  soc(7D))  connects  the
     Fibre Channel to the host system.

     The pln driver  interfaces  with  the   SOC  device  driver,
     soc(7D),  and  the  SPARC Storage Array  SCSI target driver,

     The  pln driver supports the standard functions provided  by
     the  SCSA interface. The driver supports tagged and untagged
     queuing and  auto request sense.

     Note: The SPARCstorage Array is obsolete. Support  for  this
     device will be removed in a future version of Solaris.


           ELF kernel module

           configuration file


     prtconf(1M), ssaadm(1M), driver.conf(4), soc(7D), ssd(7D)

     Writing Device Drivers

     ANSI Small Computer System Interface-2 (SCSI-2)


     The messages described below may appear on the system   con-
     sole and in the system log.

     This following messages  indicate the  pln driver was unable
     to  attach  to  the  device.  These messages are preceded by
     "pln%d",  where "%d" is the instance number of the  pln con-

     Failed to alloc soft state
           Driver was unable to allocate space for  the  internal
           state  structure.  Driver  did  not  attach to device.
           SCSI devices will be inaccessible.

     Bad soft state
           Driver requested an invalid internal state  structure.
           Driver did not attach to device.  SCSI devices will be

     Unable to attach
           Driver was unable to attach to the hardware  for  some
           reason that may be printed. SCSI devices will be inac-

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