rns_smt - Rockwell Station Management driver




     On the Rockwell FDDI  adapter  boards,  the  rns_smt  driver
     implements the FDDI Station Management protocol ( SMT ). The
     Station Management protocol includes Connection  Management,
     Ring  Management and all frame services. The  rns_snt driver
     is a loadable, clonable  STREAMS  driver  that  can  support
     multiple  instances of the FDDI interface, as well as multi-
     ple application layer clients.

     The cloning character-oriented devices /dev/rns_smt are used
     to  access  the  rns_snt driver that supports Rockwell  FDDI
      The /dev/rns_smt device is an interface used only for  Sta-
     tion  Management applications, such as those that gather MIB
     statistics or other Station information.

     The SMT  driver  supports  DLPI  and   SPI  interfaces.  All
     M_PROTO  and M_PCPROTO type messages are interpreted as DLPI
     or  SPI.  SPI  (  SMT  provider  interface)  is  a  Rockwell
     proprietary  interface  that  is  used  during communication
     between the  SMT and  related  applications.  rns_smt  is  a
     "style  2"  data  link service provider, which means that an
     explicit DL_ATTACH_REQ is required to associate  the  opened
     stream with a particular device or physical point of attach-
     ment ( PPA ).


           interface used for Station Management applications

           configuration file

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