skfp - SysKonnect FDDI PCI device driver




     The skfp FDDI driver is a  multi-threaded,  loadable,  clon-
     able,  STREAMS hardware driver supporting the connectionless
     Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) over a  SysKonnect  FDDI
     PCI  adapter. The driver supports multiple installed SysKon-
     nect FDDI PCI adapters. Functions include  chip  initializa-
     tion,  frame  transit and receive, multicast and promiscuous
     support, and error recovery and reporting.

     The skfp driver supports  all  SysKonnect  SK-NET  FDDI  PCI
     adapters  (SK-55xx  (32-bit) and SK-58xx (64-bit) series) on
     32-bit systems, and  the SK-58xx series on 64-bit systems.


     The skfp driver provides the  /dev/skfp  cloning  character-
     special  device  that  accesses all SK-NET FDDI PCI adapters
     using Data Link Service (DLS)  Style  2.  It  also  provides
     per-adapter  character-special  devices /dev/skfpx, (where x
     represents the device instance number) that access a special
     NIC using DLS Style 1.

  skfp and DLPI
     The skfp driver is a Style 1 and Style 2  DLS provider.  All
     M_PROTO  and M_PCPROTO type messages are interpreted as DLPI
     primitives.  Valid   DLPI    primitives   are   defined   in
     <sys/dlpi.h>. See dlpi(7P).

     An explicit DL_ATTACH_REQ message by the user is required to
     associate  the opened Stream with a particular device (ppa).
     This is unnecessary and invalid for DLPI Style 1. The ppa ID
     is  interpreted  as an unsigned long data type and indicates
     the corresponding device instance (unit)  number.  An  error
     (DL_ERROR_ACK)  is  returned  by the driver if the ppa field
     value does not correspond to a valid device instance  number
     for the system.

     The device is initialized on first attach and de-initialized
     (stopped)  upon  last  detach.  Valid device numbers for all
     detected adapters are displayed on  the  console  at  driver
     startup time and written to the /var/adm/messages log file.

     The values returned in the DL_INFO_ACK primitive in response
     to the DL_INFO_REQ request are:

        o  Maximum SDU is 4470.

        o  Minimum SDU is 0.

        o  DSLAP address length is 8 bytes.

        o  MAC type is DL_FDDI.

        o   SAP length value is -2, meaning the physical  address
           component is followed immediately by a 2-byte SAP com-
           ponent within the DLSAP address.

        o  Service mode is DL_CLDLS.

        o  Optional quality  of  service  (QOS)  support  is  not
           included; as a result, the QOS field values are 0.

        o  Provider style is DL_STYLE2.

        o  Version is DL_VERSION_2.


     Options are not required for normal  operation.  In  special
     cases, FDDI Station Management (SMT) parameters can be modi-
     fied by using the /usr/bin/smtpara utility (see  the  driver
     README  files).  The  smtpara utility should be used only by
     those very familiar with FDDI.

     If multiple NICs are installed in the system, the  following
     message   may   appear   on   the   console   and   in   the
     /var/adm/messages log file:

          skfp: DMA memory allocation failed !

     You can avoid this message by tuning the  lomempages  kernel
     parameter.  By  default,  the  value of this parameter is 36
     pages. Each SK-FDDI PCI  adapter  requires  nine  pages,  so
     increase the value of the lomempages parameter in increments
     of nine pages until all NICs in the system run correctly.

     To modify the value of this parameter to 45 pages, you  can,
     for  example,  append  the  set  lomempages=45  line  to the
     /etc/system file and reboot the system.


           Character special device

           Per-adapter character special device, where x  is  the
           adapter ppa

           ELF kernel module

           ELF kernel module (64-bit SPARC version)

           Driver configuration file

           SMT parameter utility

           smtpara configuration file

           DLPI definitions


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Architecture                | IA, SPARC                   |


     ifconfig(1M), netstat(1M), attributes(5), dlpi(7P)

     skfp.txt  (32-bit  driver)  and  skfpx.txt  (64-bit  driver)
     README  files  - Included in the driver package or available

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