usb_as - USB audio streaming driver




     The usb_as driver is a USBA (Solaris USB Architecture)  com-
     pliant  client  driver that supports the USB Audio Class 1.0

     The usb_as driver processes audio data messages during  play
     and  record  and  sets sample frequency, precision, encoding
     and other functions on request from the  USB  audio  control
     driver. See usb_ac(7D).

     This driver is plumbed under the USB  audio  control  driver
     and does not directly interface with the user application.


           32 bit ELF kernel module for original USBA framework.*

           64 bit ELF kernel module for original USBA framework.*
           (SPARC only).

           32 bit ELF kernel module for USBA 1.0 framework.*

           64 bit ELF kernel  module  for  USBA  1.0  framework.*
           (SPARC only).

           usba10_usb_as configuration file

     * Please see  for  more
     information  regarding  USB  dual  framework implementation,
     USBA 1.0, and USB 2.0.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

   |        ATTRIBUTE TYPE       |        ATTRIBUTE VALUE      |
   | ____________________________|_____________________________|_
   |  Architecture               |  PCI-based  systems         |
   | ____________________________|_____________________________|_
   |  Availability               |  SUNWusb (All architectures)|
   |                             |  SUNWusbx (SPARC only)      |
   | Stability level             | Evolving                    |


     mixerctl(1), attributes(5), usba(7D), usb_ac(7D), audio(7I),
     mixer(7I), streamio(7I)

     Writing Device Drivers

     Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0

     System Administration Guide: Basic Administration


     In addition to being  logged,  the  following  messages  may
     appear  on the system console. All messages are formatted in
     the following manner:

     Warning: <device path> usb_as<instance num>: Error Message...


     Warning: <device path> usba10_usb_as<instance num>:
     Error Message...

     where <device path> is the  physical path to the  device  in
     /devices directory.

     No bandwidth available.
           There is no bandwidth available  for  the  isochronous
           pipe.  As a result, no data will be transferred during
           play and record.

not supported.

     Operating a full/high speed audio device on a high speed port  is
           The   USB  software does not currently support full or
           high speed audio  devices  connected  to  an  external
           USB2.0  hub that is  linked to a port of a USB2.0 host
           controller. Audio devices  must  be  connected  either
           directly  to  a port of a USB2.0 controller, or to any
           USB 1.1 port.

     Cannot access device. Please reconnect <name>.
           There was an error  in  accessing  the  device  during
           reconnect. Please reconnect the device.

disconnect and reconnect.

     Device is not identical to the previous one on this port.  Please
           A  USB audio streaming interface was hot-removed while
           open. A new  device  was  hot-inserted  which  is  not
           identical  to  the  original  USB audio device. Please
           disconnect the new USB device and reconnect the origi-
           nal device to the same port.


     The USB audio streaming interface will be power  managed  if
     device is idle.

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