postreverse - reverse the page order in a PostScript file


     postreverse [-o list] [-r] [file]



     The postreverse filter reverses the page order in files that
     conform to Adobe's Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 file structur-
     ing conventions, and writes the results on the standard out-
     put.   Only  one  input  file  is  allowed and if no file is
     specified, the standard input is read.

     The postreverse filter can handle a limited class  of  files
     that  violate page independence, provided all global defini-
     tions are bracketed by %%BeginGlobal  and  %%EndGlobal  com-
     ments.  In  addition,  files  that mark the end of each page
     with %%EndPage: label ordinal  comments  will  also  reverse
     properly,  provided the prologue and trailer sections can be
     located. If postreverse fails  to  find  an  %%EndProlog  or
     %%EndSetup  comment,  the entire file is copied, unmodified,
     to the standard output.

     Because global definitions  are  extracted  from  individual
     pages  and  put  in  the  prologue,  the  output file can be
     minimally conforming, even if the input file was not.


     -o list
           Select pages whose numbers are  given  in  the  comma-
           separated list. The list contains single numbers N and
           ranges N1 - N2. A missing N1 means the lowest numbered
           page,  a  missing N2 means the highest. The page range
           is an expression of logical pages rather than physical
           sheets  of paper. For example, if you are printing two
           logical pages to a sheet, and you specified a range of
           4,  then  two  sheets of paper would print, containing
           four page layouts. If you specified a  page  range  of
           3-4,  when  requesting  two  logical pages to a sheet;
           then only page 3 and page 4 layouts would  print,  and
           they would appear on one physical sheet of paper.

     -r    Do not reverse the pages in file.


     Example 1: Examples of postreverse.

     o select pages 1 to 100 from file and reverse the pages:

     example% postreverse -o1-100 file

     To print four  logical  pages  on  each  physical  page  and
     reverse all the pages:

     example% postprint -n4 file | postreverse

     To produce a minimally conforming file from output generated
     by dpost without reversing the pages:

     example% dpost file | postreverse -r


     The following exit values are returned:

     0     Successful completion.

           An error occurred.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWpsf                     |


     download(1), dpost(1), postdaisy(1), postdmd(1),  postio(1),
     postmd(1), postprint(1), posttek(1), attributes(5)


     No attempt has been made to deal with redefinitions of  glo-
     bal  variables or procedures. If standard input is used, the
     input file will be read three times before being reversed.

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