x_buttontest - Xview demonstration and test program for Sun-




     x_buttontest is an Xview application that displays a  window
     with thirty two buttons, corresponding to those on the  Sun-
     Buttons buttonbox. To determine if the  buttonbox  has  been
     set up correctly, select the Diagnostic button on the panel.
     If the buttonbox is  functional  and  correctly  interfaced,
     each  of  the  buttons  will  light in  sequence for about 1
     second. Then "OK." is sent to the  standard  output  of  the
     demo  program. x_buttontest is now in its (default) interac-
     tive mode. Pressing a button on the buttonbox highlights the
     corresponding   button   on   the   screen.    Additionally,
     x_buttontest sends a BDIOBUTLITE ioctl to the  buttonbox  in
     response  to  each  key  press and key  release, so that the
     button light is illuminated while the  button is held down.

     If the serial communications become confused, as can  happen
     when  both the buttonbox and the dialbox are operated at the
     same time, one or more button lights may remain on after the
     button  is  released.   Clicking  on the Reset button on the
     panel will unconditionally turn all the button lights off.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Architecture                | SPARC                       |


     bdconfig(1M),    attributes(5),    x_dialtest(6),    bd(7M),

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