lofi - Loopback file driver


     The lofi file driver exports a file as a block device. Reads
     and  writes  to the block device are translated to reads and
     writes on the underlying file. This is useful when the  file
     contains a file system image. Exporting it as a block device
     through the  lofi file driver allows normal system utilities
     to  operate  on  the  image  through  the block device (like
     fstyp(1M)fsck(1M), and mount(1M). This is useful for access-
     ing  CD-ROM and FAT floppy images. See lofiadm(1M) for exam-

     File block device entries are contained in /dev/lofi,  while
     /dev/rlofi  contains  the character (or raw) device entries.
     Entries are in  the  form  of   decimal  numbers  which  are
     assigned  through  lofiadm(1M).  When  created, these device
     entries are owned by root, in group sys,  and  have  permis-
     sions  0600. While ownership, group, and permission settings
     can be  altered,  there  are  possible  ramifications.   See
     lofiadm(1M) for more information.


           Master control device

           Block device for file n

           Character device for file n

           32-bit driver

           Driver configuration file. (Should not be altered.)

           64-bit driver


     See  attributes(5) for descriptions of the following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWcsr, SUNWcarx.u         |


     lofiadm(1M),  fsck(1M),  fstyp(1M),  mount(1M),   newfs(1M),
     attributes(5), lofs(7FS)


     Just as you would not directly access a disk device that has
     mounted  file  systems, you should not access a file associ-
     ated with a  block  device  except  through  the  lofi  file

     For compatability purposes, a raw device  is  also  exported
     along with the block device. For example, newfs(1M) requires

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