pcscsi - low-level module for the  AMD  PCscsi,  PCscsi  II,
     PCnet-SCSI, and Qlogic QLA510 PCI-to-SCSI bus adapters




     The  pcscsi module provides  low-level  interface  functions
     between  the common disk/tape I/O subsystem and the Am53C974
     (PCscsi), Am53C974A (PCscsi II), Am79C974 (PCnet-SCSI) (SCSI
     device only), and the Qlogic QLA510 SCSI controllers.

     The  pcscsi module can be configured for disk and  streaming
     tape support for  one host bus adapter device. Each host bus
     adapter device must be the sole initiator  on  a  SCSI  bus.
     Auto-configuration code determines if the adapter is present
     on the PCI bus, what its configuration is, and what types of
     devices are attached to it.

     For PCI devices,  configuration  is  done  through  the  PCI
     BIOS.  Configuration settings can be accessed through a CMOS


     The  net  component  of  the  PCnet-SCSI  host  bus  adapter
     requires  the Solaris pcn(7D) driver. See AMD PCnet Ethernet
     (PCnet-PCI, PCnet-PCI II, PCnet-Fast for information on Eth-
     ernet configuration capabilities.

  Known Problems and Limitations
     Occasional data corruption has occurred when pcn and  pcscsi
     drivers  in  HP Vectra XU 5/90 and Compaq Deskpro XL systems
     are used under high network and SCSI loads. These drivers do
     not  perform  well  in  a production server. A possible wor-
     karound is to disable the pcn device with  the  system  BIOS
     and use a separate add-in network interface.

     The SCSI tagged queuing option is not supported.


     The driver attempts to initialize itself in accordance  with
     the PCI BIOS configuration settings..

     There are no user-configurable options; information found in
     the  pcscsi.conf configuration file is used  by the I/O sub-
     system only.


           Configuration file


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Architecture                | x86                         |


     driver.conf(4), sysbus(4), attributes(5)

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