addbib - create or extend a bibliographic database


     addbib [-a] [-p promptfile] database


     When addbib starts up, answering y to the  initial  Instruc-
     tions?  prompt  yields  directions.  Typing  n (or <RETURN>)
     skips  the  directions.  addbib  then  prompts  for  various
     bibliographic fields, reads responses from the terminal, and
     sends output records to  database.  A  null  response  (just
     <RETURN>)  means to leave out that field. A `-' (minus sign)
     means to go back to the previous field. A trailing backslash
     allows a field to be continued on the next line. The repeat-
     ing Continue? prompt allows the user  either  to  resume  by
     typing  y (or <RETURN>), to quit the current session by typ-
     ing n or q, or to edit database with any system editor  (see
     vi(1), ex(1), ed(1)).


     The following options are supported:

     -a    Suppresses prompting for an abstract.  Asking  for  an
           abstract  is  the  default. Abstracts are ended with a

     -p promptfile
           Uses a new prompting skeleton, defined in  promptfile.
           This  file should contain prompt strings, a <TAB>, and
           the key-letters to be written to the database.


  Bibliography Key Letters
     The most common key-letters and  their  meanings  are  given
     below. addbib insulates you from these key-letters, since it
     gives you prompts in English, but if you edit the bibliogra-
     phy file later on, you will need to know this information.

     %A    Author's name

     %B    Book containing article referenced

     %C    City (place of publication)

     %D    Date of publication

     %E    Editor of book containing article referenced

     %F    Footnote number or label (supplied by   refer)

     %G    Government order number
     %H    Header commentary, printed before reference

     %I    Issuer (publisher)

     %J    Journal containing article

     %K    Keywords to use in locating reference

     %L    Label field used by -k option of  refer

     %M    Bell Labs Memorandum (undefined)

     %N    Number within volume

     %O    Other commentary, printed at end of reference

     %P    Page number(s)

     %Q    Corporate or Foreign Author (unreversed)

     %R    Report, paper, or thesis (unpublished)

     %S    Series title

     %T    Title of article or book

     %V    Volume number

     %X    Abstract - used by roffbib, not by refer

     %Y,Z  Ignored by refer


     Example 1: Editing the bibliography file

     Except for A, each field should be  given  just  once.  Only
     relevant fields should be supplied.

     %A   Mark Twain
     %T   Life on the Mississippi
     %I   Penguin Books
     %C   New York
     %D   1978


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWdoc                     |


     ed(1), ex(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1), refer(1),  roffbib(1),
     sortbib(1), vi(1), attributes(5)

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