postplot - PostScript translator for plot(4B) graphics files


     postplot [-c num] [-f name] [-m num] [-n num]  [-o list]  [-
     p mode] [-w num] [-x num] [-y num] [filename...]



     The postplot filter translates plot(1B)  graphics  filenames
     into  PostScript and writes the results on the standard out-
     put. If no filenames are specified, or if - is  one  of  the
     input filenames, the standard input is read.


     The following options are supported:

     -c num
           Print num copies of each page. By  default,  only  one
           copy is printed.

     -f name
           Print text using font name. Any PostScript font can be
           used, although the best results will be obtained  only
           with  constant  width  fonts.  The  default  font   is

     -m num
           Magnify each logical page by the factor num. Pages are
           scaled  uniformly  about the origin which, by default,
           is located at the center of  each  page.  The  default
           magnification is 1.0.

     -n num
           Print num logical pages on each piece of paper,  where
           num  can  be  any positive integer. By default, num is
           set to 1.

     -o list
           Print pages whose numbers  are  given  in  the  comma-
           separated list. The list contains single numbers N and
           ranges N1 - N2. A missing N1 means the lowest numbered
           page, a missing N2 means the highest.

     -p mode
           Print filenames in either portrait or landscape  mode.
           Only  the  first character of mode is significant. The
           default mode is landscape.

     -w num
           Set the line width used for graphics  to  num  points,
           where  a  point  is  approximately 1/72 of an inch. By
           default, num is set to 0 points, which forces lines to
           be one pixel wide.

     -x num
           Translate the origin num inches along the  positive  x
           axis.  The  default  coordinate  system has the origin
           fixed at the center of the page, with  positive  x  to
           the  right  and  positive  y up the page. Positive num
           moves everything right.  The  default  offset  is  0.0

     -y num
           Translate the origin num inches along the  positive  y
           axis.  Positive  num moves everything up the page. The
           default offset is 0.0.


     The following operand is supported:

           The graphics filename to be translated


     The following exit value is returned:

     0     filename(s) were successfully processed.






     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
    | Availability                | SUNWlps                     |


     download(1), dpost(1), plot(1B),  postdaisy(1),  postdmd(1),
     postio(1),    postmd(1),    postprint(1),    postreverse(1),
     plot(4B), attributes(5)


     The default line width is too small  for  write-white  print
     engines, such as the one used by the PS-2400.

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