ehci - Enhanced host controller driver




     The ehci driver is a USBA (Solaris  USB Architecture)   com-
     pliant  nexus  driver  that  supports the Enhanced Host Con-
     troller Interface Specification 1.0,  an  industry  standard
     developed by Intel.

     The  ehci  driver  supports  control,  bulk  and   interrupt
     transfers.  It  enables  support  for USB 2.0 devices in the
     USBA 1.0 framework


           32-bit ELF kernel module for the USBA 1.0 framework.*

           64-bit ELF kernel module for the USBA 1.0  framework.*
           (SPARC only).

           usba10_ehci configuration file.

     * Please see  for  more
     information  regarding  USB  dual  framework implementation,
     USBA 1.0, and USB 2.0.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

   |        ATTRIBUTE TYPE       |        ATTRIBUTE VALUE      |
   | ____________________________|_____________________________|_
   |  Architecture               |  PCI-based  systems         |
   | ____________________________|_____________________________|_
   |  Availability               |  SUNWusb (All architectures)|
   |                             |  SUNWusbx (SPARC only)      |


     attributes(5), hubd(7D), ohci(7D), uhci(7D), usba(7D)

     Writing Device Drivers

     Universal Serial Bus Specification 2.0

     Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification 1.0

     System Administration Guide: Basic Administration


     All host  controller   errors  are  passed  to   the  client
     drivers. Root errors are documented in hubd(7D).

     In addition to being logged,  the  following   messages  may
     appear  on the system console. All messages are formatted in
     the following manner:

     WARNING: <device path> (usba10_ehci<instance number>):
     Error message...

port is not supported.

     Connecting a full/high speed isochronous device to a  high  speed
           High speed isochronous transfers are not supported.

           Full speed isochronous  transfers  are  not  supported
           through  USB  2.0 hubs. Please reconnect without going
           through a USB 2.0 hub.

     Unrecoverable USB hardware error.
           There was an unrecoverable USB hardware error reported
           by  the  ehci controller.  Reboot the system.  If this
           problem persists, contact your  system vendor.

     No SOF interrupts.
           The USB hardware is not generating  Start   Of   Frame
           interrupts.  Reboot  the  system. If this problem per-
           sists,  contact your system vendor.

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